We’ve been making some changes to the Working Group’s web presence. As well as freshening up our look, you’ll notice a new Resources page, intended to advance our role as a hub for research in historical sociology and IR.

Many journals now allow authors to post their work online, either in pre-publication format or in finalised form once a certain period has elapsed. If you have published articles or books relevant to the work of the Group, please send copies to Paul Kirby, the new Group administrator, for inclusion.

If you are a Working Group member, you may also want to check that your details are correct on our Members page. If there are any mistakes (or if you’re not listed) get in touch. We also hope to make more use of this site as a news source for new publications, conferences, debates, events and funding opportunities related to historical sociology and IR. If you’re interested in staying updated, please click on the subscribe button on the left-hand side of this page.