2012 will see two significant conferences for the global IR community: the usual International Studies Association (ISA) gathering, in San Diego in April, and a special joint conference of the British International Studies Association and the ISA to be held in Edinburgh in June.

The provisional details of the panels organised by the Historical Sociology and International Relations Working Group are now out and are reproduced below. Hope to see many of you there!

International Studies Association Annual Conference
San Diego, 1st-4th April 2012

Monday 2nd, 4pm: The Social Technologies of Protest

Chair/Discussant: Patrick Thaddeus Jackson (American)

George Lawson (LSE), ‘The Social Technologies of Revolution’
Eric Selbin (Southwestern), ‘Small Worlds, Slow Memory/ies, and Redes: Who ‘Writes’ Stories of Revolution and Who ‘Hears’ Them’
Meera Sabaratnam (LSE), ‘Music and Revolutions: Performances, Motifs, Rhythms and the Improvisation of Political Consciousness’
Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary), ‘The Message is in the Memory: News of the Haitian Revolution’

British International Studies Association-International Studies Association Joint International Conference
Edinburgh, 20-22 June 2012

Thursday 21st, 11.30: Roundtable: History, the Past, and the Study of Global Politics

Chair: Patrick Finney (Aberystwyth)
Peter Jackson (Strathclyde)
George Lawson (LSE)
Jack S. Levy (Rutgers)
Jan Ruzicka (Aberystwyth)
Andrew Williams (St Andrews)

Thursday 21st, 2pm: New Directions in Global Sociology

Chair/Discussant: Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary)

Paul Musgrave and Dan Nexon (Georgetown), ‘Is Liberalism Compatible with Imperial Stability?: Ireland and India in the British Empire’
Julian Go (Boston), ‘Relationalism and Postcolonial Sociology’
Barry Buzan and George Lawson (LSE), ‘The Global Transformation: The 19th Century and the Making of Modern International Relations’
Iver B. Neumann and Einar Wigen (NUPI), ‘Where Have All The Mongols Gone?’