A one day event organised by the Graduate Section of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics & Political Science, that may be of interest to members:

Change and Continuity in the Middle East
Rethinking West Asia, North Africa and the Gulf after 2011

Graduate Section of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies
Annual Conference
11 June 2012

The London School of Economics
and Political Science
London, United Kingdom

The fact that 2011 has been a year of momentous importance for West Asia, North Africa and the Gulf can hardly be disputed. For this reason, the Graduate Section of BRISMES hereby extends an invitation to all young researchers and PhD candidates to present research that addresses the political, economic, social and cultural transitions taking place across the region. We welcome submissions of papers and panel proposals from any disciplinary field which reflects on these events and the resilience displayed despite the pressure of mass uprisings, regime changes, and the emergence of new conflicts. Will the Middle East become more democratic? What is the role of political Islam? How do the events of 2011 influence the conflicts in the region? Is the Middle East finding a new civil conscience? How is the political economy of the region changing? To what extent were the arts, social networking, civil society or collective memory relevant factors of change in the region? What was the impact of foreign policies towards Middle Eastern states? Is the discourse of “resistance” outdated or is it a factor of change? Are human rights the new political vocabulary of the Middle East? Is women’s emancipation really happening in the region?

The BRISMES Graduate Section and its co-host, the LSE Middle East Centre, look forward to welcoming you in London in June 2012 to address these and many other questions in its annual conference: “Change and Continuity in the Middle East: Rethinking West Asia, North Africa and the Gulf after 2011”.

For more information and to submit your paper or panel proposals go to: https://sites.google.com/site/brismesgs2012/

Alternative mirror website: http://brismesgs.blogspot.com/

Deadline for submissions: 13th April 2012