Materialism and World Politics
Millennium Annual Conference
20-22 October 2012
London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

The 2012 Conference takes place on 20-22 October at the London School of Economics. This year’s theme, Materialism & World Politics asks critical questions about rational actors, agency in a physical world, the role of affect in decision-making, the biopolitical shaping of bodies, the perils and promises of material technology, the resurgence of historical materialism, and the looming environmental catastrophe. We are delighted to have renowned scholars participating in 39 panels, which include among other topics:

    • “New Materialisms” and The Body and International Relations
    • The Colonial Challenge to Materialism / The Materialist Challenge to Postcolonialism
    • Rethinking the Human Condition: Complexity, Posthumanism and the ‘New’ Democratic Politics
    • The Materiality of Capitalism
    • Violent Materialities: Technologies and Assemblages of War
    • Complexity and Science
    • Alternative Spatial Ontologies, Anti-Statist Mobilizations, and the Limits of State Power
    • OpenIR?: Technology, Open Access and the Political Economy of Knowledge (Re)Production

Keynote: William Connolly (Johns Hopkins University)

Opening Panel: John Protevi (Louisiana State University)

Closing Panel: Colin Wight (University of Sydney); Erika Cudworth (University of East London); Stephen Hobden (University of East London) Diana Coole (Birkbeck, University of London)

ANT/STS Workshop keynote: Andrew Barry (University of Oxford)

For further information, please visit the Millennium website.