Resources (Alphabetical)

We hope this site will become a repository for a range of texts relating to Historical Sociology and International Relations. Many journals now allow authors to post their work online, either in pre-publication format or in finalised form once a certain period has elapsed. If you have published articles or books relevant to the work of the Group, please send copies to Paul Kirby for inclusion in this list.

This is an alphabetical version of the main Resources page. Where that list is organised by topic, the below texts are listed by author surname.



· Allinson, Jamie and Alex Anievas (2010) ‘Approaching “the International”: Beyond Political Marxism’
· Allinson, Jamie and Alex Anievas (2009) ‘The Uses and Misuses of Uneven and Combined Development’
· Anievas, Alex (2011) ‘1914 in World Historical Perspective: The Uneven and Combined Origins of the First World War’ (pre-publication version)
· Anievas, Alex (2008) ‘Theories of a Global State: A Critique’


· Barkawi, Tarak (2011) ‘”Defence Diplomacy” in North-South Relations’
· Barkawi, Tarak (2010) ‘Empire and Order in International Relations and Security Studies’
· Barkawi, Tarak (2006) ‘Culture and Combat in the Colonies: The Indian Army in the Second World War’
· Barkawi, Tarak (2004) ‘Connection and Constitution: Locating War and Culture in Globalization Studies’
· Barkawi, Tarak (2004) ‘Peoples, Homelands and Wars?: Ethnicity, the Military, and Battle Among British Imperial Forces in the War Against Japan’
· Barkawi, Tarak (1998) ‘Strategy as a Vocation: Weber, Morgenthau and Modern Strategic Studies’
· Barkawi, Tarak and Shane Brighton (2011) ‘Powers of War: Fighting, Knowledge and Critique’
· Barkawi, Tarak  and Mark Laffey (1999) ‘The Imperial Peace: Democracy, Force and Globalization’
· Bhambra, Gurminder K. (2010) ‘Historical Sociology, International Relations and Connected Histories’
· Bhambra, Gurminder K. (2011) ‘Talking Among Themselves? Weberian and Marxist Historical Sociologies as Dialogues Without ‘Others”
· Bhambra, Gurminder K. (2011) ‘Historical Sociology, Modernity and Postcolonial Critique’
· Buzan, Barry and George Lawson (2013) ‘The Global Transformation: The Nineteenth Century and the Making of Modern International Relations’


· Callinicos, Alex and Justin Rosenberg (2008) ‘Uneven and Combined Development: The Social Relational Substratum of ‘the International’? – An Exchange of Letters’
· Colás, Alejandro and George Lawson (2010) ‘Fred Halliday: Achievements, Ambivalences, Openings’
· Colás, Alejandro and Bryan Mabee (2010) ‘The Flow and Ebb of Private Seaborne Violence in Global Politics: Lessons from the Atlantic World, 1689-1815’ (from Mercenaries, Pirates, Bandits and Empires)





· Go, Julian (2013) ‘For a Postcolonial Sociology’
· Go, Julian (2008) ‘Global Fields and Imperial Forms: Field Theory and the British and American Empires’


· Hobson, John M. (2007) ‘Reconstructing International Relations Through World History: Oriental Globalization and the Global Dialogic Conception of Inter-Civilizational Relations’
· Hobson, John M. (2009) ‘Provincializing Westphalia: The Eastern Origins of Sovereignty’
· Hobson, John M. (1998) ‘The Historical Sociology of the State and the State of Historical Sociology in International Relations’
· Hobson, John M., George Lawson and Justin Rosenberg (2010) ‘Historical Sociology’ (ISA Compendium Project Encyclopedia Entry)
· Hobson, John M. and George Lawson (2008) ‘What is History in International Relations?’





· Lapointe, Thierry and Frédérick Guillaume Dufour (2011) ‘Assessing the Historical Turn in IR: An Anatomy of Second Wave Historical Sociology’ (online first copy)
· Lawson, George (2010) ‘The Eternal Divide? History and International Relations’ (pre-publication version)
· Lawson, George (2010) ‘The ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ of the Global 1989′ (Introduction to The Global 1989:Continuity and Change in World Politics, edited with Chris Armbruster and Michael Cox)
· Lawson, George (2008) ‘A Realistic Utopia: Nancy Fraser, Cosmopolitanism and the Making of a Just World Order’
· Lawson, George (2007) ‘Historical Sociology in International Relations: Open Society, Research Programme and Vocation’
· Lawson, George (2006) ‘The Promise of Historical Sociology in International Relations’
· Lawson, George (2006) ‘The Social Sources of Life, the Universe and Everything: A Conversation with Michael Mann’
· Lawson, George (2005) ‘Negotiated Revolutions: The Prospects for Radical Change in Contemporary World Politics’

· Lawson, George (2015) ‘Revolution, Non-Violence, and the Arab Uprisings’

· Lawson, George (2015) ‘Revolutions and the International’

· Lawson, George (2015) ‘Within and Beyond the “Fourth Generation” Revolutionary Theory’

· Lawson, George and Robbie Shilliam (2010) ‘Sociology and International Relations: Legacies and Prospects’
· Lawson, George and Robbie Shilliam (2009) ‘Beyond Hypocrisy: Debating the ‘Fact’ and ‘Value’ of Sovereignty in Contemporary World Politics’
· Lawson, George and Luca Tardelli (2013) ‘The Past, Present and Future of Intervention’


· Mabee, Brian (2011) ‘Historical Institutionalism and Foreign Policy Analysis: The Origins of the National Security Council Revisited’ (post-review version)
· Mabee, Brian (2009) ‘Pirates, Privateers and the Political Economy of Private Violence’ (post-review version)
· Mabee, Brian (2007) ‘Levels and Agents, States and People: Micro-Historical Sociological Analysis and International Relations’ (post-review version)
· Matin, Kamran (2013) ‘Supplanting Eurocentrism’ (chapter one of Recasting Iranian Modernity: International Relations and Social Change)
· Matin, Kamran (2012) ‘Redeeming the Universal: Postcolonialism and the Inner Life of Eurocentrism’
· Matin, Kamran (2007) ‘Uneven and Combined Development in World History: The International Relations of State-Formation in Premodern Iran’




· Phillips, Andrew (2011) ‘Saving Civilization from Empire: Belligerency, Pacifism and the Two Faces of Civilization During the Second Opium War’
· Phillips, Andrew (2010) ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Jihadism: Transnational Religious Insurgencies and the Transformation of International Orders’



· Rosenberg, Justin (2010) ‘Basic Problems in the Theory of Uneven and Combined Development II: Unevenness and Political Multiplicity’
· Rosenberg, Justin (2007) ‘International Relations and the Higher Bullshit: A Reply to the Globalisation Theory Debate’
· Rosenberg, Justin (2006) ‘Why is There No International Historical Sociology?’
· Rosenberg, Justin (2005) ‘Globalisation Theory: A Post Mortem’
· Rosenberg, Justin (1995) ‘Isaac Deutscher and the Lost History of International Relations’
· Rosenberg, Justin (1994) ‘The International Imagination: IR Theory and ‘Classical Social Analysis”


· Saull, Richard (2011) ‘Social Conflict and the Global Cold War’
· Saull, Richard (2008) ‘Empire, Imperialism, and Contemporary American Global Power’
· Saull, Richard (2005) ‘Locating the Global South in the Theorisation of the Cold War: Capitalist Development, Social Revolution and Geopolitical Conflict’
· Shaw, Martin (2012) ‘Twenty-First Century Militarism: A Historical-Sociological Framework’ (from Anna Stavrianakis and Jan Selby, eds., Militarism and International Relations)
· Shaw, Martin (2011) ‘From Comparative to International Genocide Studies: The International Production of Genocide in Twentieth-Century Europe’
· Shaw, Martin (2002) ‘Risk-Transfer Militarism, Small Massacres and the Historic Legitimacy of War’
· Shaw, Martin (2001) ‘Post-Imperial and Quasi-Imperial: State and Empire in the Global Era’
· Shaw, Martin (2000) ‘Historical Sociology and Global Transformation’ (from Ronen Palan, ed., New Theories of the Global Political Economy)
· Shaw, Martin (1998) ‘The Historical Sociology of the Future’
· Shilliam, Robbie (2011) ‘Keskidee Aroha: Translation on the Colonial Stage’
· Shilliam, Robbie (2011) ‘Civilization and the Poetics of Slavery’ (pre-publication version)


· Teschke, Benno (2011) ‘The Fetish Of Geopolitics: Reply to Gopal Balakrishnan’
· Teschke, Benno (2011) ‘Advances and Impasses in Fred Halliday’s International Historical Sociology: A Critical Appraisal’
· Teschke, Benno (2011) ‘Decisions and Indecisions: Political and Intellectual Receptions of Carl Schmitt’
· Teschke, Benno (2011) ‘Fatal Attraction: A Critique of Carl Schmitt’s International Political and Legal Theory’
· Teschke, Benno (2006) ‘Debating ‘The Myth of 1648’: State Formation, the Interstate System and the Emergence of Capitalism in Europe’
· Teschke, Benno (2005) ‘Bourgeois Revolution, State Formation and the Absence of the International’
· Teschke, Benno (2002) ‘Theorizing the Westphalian System of States: International Relations from Absolutism to Capitalism’
· Teschke, Benno (1998) ‘Geopolitical Relations in the European Middle Ages: History and Theory’
· Teschke, Benno and Hannes Lacher (2007) ‘The Changing ‘Logics’ of Capitalist Competition’

· Teschke, Benno (2014) ‘Carl Schmitt’s Concepts of War’                                              · Teschke, Benno (2014) ‘IR Theory, Historical Materialism and the False Promise of International Historical Sociology’







· Zarakol, Ayşe (2013) ‘Revisiting Second Image Reversed: Lessons from Turkey and Thailand’
· Zarakol, Ayşe (2011) ‘What Makes Terrorism Modern?: Terrorism, Legitimacy and the International System’
· Zarakol, Ayşe (2010) ‘Ontological (In)Security and State Denial of Historical Crimes: Turkey and Japan’